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    The Pearl logo is connected by three parallel color baselines (blue, green and yellow) and a golden sphere in terms of appearance, such as the green sea rising pearl, which is dazzling. In terms of connotation, the Pearl logo has a profound meaning. The three parallel color baselines (blue, green and yellow) are the main insulation core colors of the company's cable products, and the main products of the company are wires and cables, The company's wires and cables are connected to the ball. It has a wide range of implications:

    ①The number of "three" takes the meaning of "Tao generates one, one lifetime two, two generates three, three generates everything"; it means that the company develops from scratch, from small to large, and keeps growing.

    ②Three different color baselines, blue on top, represents the blue sky, and represents the infinite bright future for us to strive for and fight for; green in the middle, it is the primary color of life, which means that the Pearl cable brings you health, vitality and beauty; yellow on the next, represents the color of the earth, bright and rich, which means that Pearl people and Pearl customers have a bright future;

    ③The three baseline colors symbolize the wisdom, confidence and determination of Pearl people;

    ④Three different colors of the baseline and spherical connection, which means pearl products will be exported to the world;

    ⑤The golden sphere, like a bright pearl, is rising and shining. It is a symbol of high quality and shows its broad development prospects to the world.

    The whole figure reflects the harmonious integration of the company's humanities, environment, business philosophy and domestic and foreign markets, and the logo is eye-catching, strong personality, easy to identify, and good application effect.



    Mission:Cables connect all over the world

    vision:To build a brand with integrity, to innovate and develop the Pearl, to be the pillar of cable industry.

    Core values:People first, quality first.

    spirit:Unity, dedication and innovation

    Management policyQuality first, technology innovation, credit management, customer satisfaction, pollution prevention.Energy conservation, energy consumption reduction, safety, health, discipline, law-abiding, continuous improvement and excellence

    Brand target:Build public famous brand and become the pillar of the industry

    Quality objective:Quality is human character and the life of an enterprise

    Service tenet:Serve customers wholeheartedly 

    Three styles of workBe serious, fast and stick to the promise

    Three attitudes:Never say it's impossible, promise to finish the task, never make excuses

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