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    We always adhere to the tenet of "being honest and innovative", and pay attention to product quality and after-sales service. We hereby make the following solemn commitment:

    1.Service tenet: 

    Serve customers wholeheartedly

    2.Service promise: 

    (1) Welcome customers to visit with enthusiasm and sincerity; deal with customers' calls, letters, faxes and inquiries promptly.

    (2) Provide technical information and consultation about the product, and recommend the right model and specification for the user.

    (3) Due to the needs of users, our company can help users to train relevant knowledge of cable products in the company free of charge.

    3.Service commitment in sale: 

    (1) Organize production in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract and relevant national standards to ensure quality and timely delivery at the agreed place.

    (2) If required by the user, we can train the user about cable laying, use, maintenance and other knowledge at the headquarters free of charge, and assist or guide the customer in correct construction when necessary.

    (3) If the goods are supplied in advance due to user's wrong choice, insufficient order quantity or special circumstances, our company will deal with the special circumstances and guarantee to give priority to production and try our best to meet the actual needs of customers.

    4.After sales service commitment:

    (1)The response time of user service is 1-2 hours. For quality complaints requiring door-to-door treatment, the nearest areas (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui) shall be treated with door-to-door service within 24 hours; other areas shall be treated with door-to-door service within 48 hours, and the problems shall be solved within 24 hours.

    (2)Any damage, shortage and quality problems of the products before delivery and inspection shall be handled by us.

    (3)In the process of installation and use, if the user needs to provide technical assistance or guidance, we will timely organize professional personnel to the site to assist or guide the user to construct correctly, so as to meet the needs of the customer.

    (4)During the warranty period (within one year from the date of issuance of the acceptance certificate), if any quality problem exists or occurs, and it is confirmed by both parties that it is our responsibility, then we shall be responsible for proper handling or exchange, return, etc. free of charge. All reasonable expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by our company.

    (5)The company will also actively cooperate and assist in solving the quality problems caused by the user's responsibility confirmed by both parties, so as to meet the user's requirements.

    (6)If the user's project is completed and the cable is not used up, the company can help to deal with it in the form of discount recovery, consignment, etc., so as to reduce the user's loss.

    (7)The company has established files for long-term users and will visit them regularly to learn about their use of our products. For the suggestions and requirements put forward by users, the company will take them seriously and constantly improve the product quality and service level to better meet the needs of users.

    We warmly welcome the support of more users. We firmly believe that science and technology create brand and honesty create brilliance. We will, as always, repay the society with better products and services.

    Service hotline:0510-87201859/87218258

    Service fax:0510-87206859/87212988

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